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 Ryan Kaliher Ryan Kaliher from CURRENT
Posted: 11/6/2013


As the days get shorter in Minneapolis and the tourists start to head home, things have quieted down on the street where Afton House Inn is located. While most of the inn itself is quiet, things are busy at the inn’s restaurant, Current. 

Brothers Dan and Dave Jarvis bought — and renovated — a historic structure in the river town to house a modern restaurant. An easy, scenic drive from downtown Minneapolis, Afton enjoys a setting that makes it feel worlds apart from the metro area. Having a dock with plenty of berthing area where you can tie up the boat and walk inside makes it a nice alternative also.

The changing of the season marks a changing in the menu at Current with dishes perfect for warm summer nights replaced with those that better match the palate’s desires on cool autumn evenings. 

With a friendly, attentive staff and a nice menu which includes seafood chowder, genoa sandwich, sweet potatoes, pasta, mushrooms and chicken, even the pickiest diner will find something to eat at Current that compels them to start planning for a return visit even before their first meal is done.

The Chef:

Chef Ryan Kaliher has been Executive Chef at Current for three years. Originally from Edina, MN, Kaliher first became interested in food preparation while watching Julia Child on PBS.

Finishing college, Kaliher traveled the country picking up more cooking skills and culinary tips as he went. Following a stop at Classic Cup in Kansas City, Kaliher went to The Breeze in Destin, FL and from there to the Union Bar and Grill in Great Barrington, MA. 

After working at the Beachcombers in Homer, Alaska, Kaliher returned to his native state to work in Sapor Cafe and Lowry’s Cafe, both in Minneapolis.

Kaliher lists Chef Paul Laubinaunt as his mentor and credits Laubinaunt with igniting his passion for food through instruction and stories of what it was like to advance through the cooking ranks in France.

Under Kaliher’s direction, Current works closely with local growers and producers for all it’s menu items. 

Support Locally

Current buys 100% of it’s produce from local growers demonstrating a belief in supporting the local economy, buying locally also helps the restaurant to be environmentally friendly. Instead of eighteen wheelers belching diesel as they make a run from California to Minnesota, the staff gets their produce and menu items



Their entire culinary team has a passion for scratch cooking using 100% natural or free range products and they believe that meals prepared with the highest quality fresh, local and organic ingredients are the building blocks for a healthy and happy life.

Current also demonstrates it’s desire to be a good community neighbor by giving back a portion of it’s proceeds to others in need throughout the community and around the globe.