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Dave JarvisDave Jarvis from Afton House Inn
Posted: 05/22/2012


Faces: Q&A with Dave Jarvis, co-owner of Afton House, Current Restaurant and Swirl Wine Bar

Age: 36

What did you want to be when you grew up? An NHL hockey player. I played hockey in high school and in France during college.

What was your first job in food? My first job was washing dishes at my parents' restaurant, the Afton House.

How did you wind up in the restaurant business? I never thought I was going to get in the restaurant business. I was in college and planning to go to law school. But I met a beautiful woman, proposed and took a manager position at the Afton House. I told my dad I would give him five years, and it has been about 15 years now.

What's the one item you are most proud of? Current Restaurant and Swirl Wine Bar adjacent to the Afton House were my creations. Swirl opened in 2010, and Current opened up in 2011. We based the menu on family preferences and what our customers asked for - a lot of healthy and gluten-free selections. Our Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, a baked chicken breast with carrot sauce, haricot vert and polenta cakes, is just a very good one. We put an eclectic spin on a classic American dish.

What's something few people know about you? I coach my son's hockey team. I have so much fun with those little kids.

Afton House Inn


What culinary trend do you wish would die? All the food that has become popular at fast-food places. It's filled with ammonia and toxins and preservatives and not really food in my

What's something in your career that you wish you had done differently? Taking a risk with starting a new concept earlier; maybe 10 years ago.

What's your favorite restaurant? Chipotle is probably a big one when I'm eating with three little kids. When I'm dining with my wife, one of our favorites is Marx in Stillwater. We really like independent restaurants.

If someone were to play you in a movie, who should it be? I think a younger version of Sean Connery, like in his James Bond days.

What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten? Lamb brains. I've had them at a number of places.

What's next? We've done quite a lot the past two years. I'm probably going to reflect a bit and see where I'm at.

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