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The Twin Cities Originals exists to promote dining in local independent area restaurants, to provide diners with a unique local flavor and to raise awareness of independent restaurants both locally and nationally.

Local restaurants like local bookstores, hardware stores, and coffee shops support their communities. The dollars spent in local restaurants stay in the Twin Cities and local restaurants support vital local charities. Passionate individuals develop local restaurants. These individuals are driven by a desire to offer something unique and exciting both to our local patrons and to the guests who visit our city.

The Twin Cities Originals believe that a vibrant, independent restaurant community makes our city a better place to live. A vibrant local restaurant community increases a city’s culinary and cultural strength. The Twin Cities are those with a unique flavor, a flavor we can all be proud of. Local restaurants ensure that this local flavor continues to be delivered. It is our hope that you take a moment to think about this important issue and support all those things that make the Twin Cities a unique, a source of pride and, above all, a great city to live in.

Thank you,
Twin Cities Originals